​​​NIAGARA HEMP COMPANY INC.  is the first of its kind in the Niagara region.  We are currently offering high quality Organic/Biodegradeable/Eco-friendly Niagara Hemp Products.  initially our product offerings may vary at times.   We decided to  go with a simple but informative website.  Our main goal was to keep costs as low as possible.  We are able to provide you with the best quality 100% eco friendly hemp products for a reasonable cost.


Hemp produces the ultimate, most cozy, comfortable apparel anywhere! No other textile can match the delightful, good feeling properties of hemp when worn on the body.  Hemp keeps you comfy warm in the winter, and refreshingly cool in the summer.  The porous of the fiber allows these shirts to "breath" yet still insulates and cushions the body.


Hemp's natural properties are resistant to the bacteria in persperation, therefore you will be left feeling cool and dry all day and night.  You will never want to take it off.  Hemp apparel is so relaxing you will want to wear it to bed.  A hemp shirt is guaranteed to become your favourite garb.